LIVE: Tom Eriksen und Niels Bugge – Roots and Blues

I´ve been around for a while and have played in a lot of different bands in Denmark since the sixties. I now play roots and blues from the time when songsters in the South of USA travelled from town to town and from party to party with a guitar on their back, but I also do later blues stuff and write my own songs.Taj Mahal, Keb Moe, Ledbetter, T-Bone Walker, Woody Guthrie, Mississippi Sheiks, Willi Dixon are some of the people who inspired me.I´ve toured in Gemany, Holland, Sweden and Denmark with Peter Lavell from Amsterdam, and I have recorded a lot as a session player with Shiregreen from Rotenburg. I lived in Hamburg for a short time some years ago, and I´ll go for a visit as much as I can.I´m happy, that my friend Niels Bugge will join me. We´ve been in Hamburg together a couple of times before, and we always have a great time.Niels Bugge is a geat guitar player. He has played almost any kind of music, and he has a big heart for jazz. He´s been working in the local House of Culture in Nykøbing Sj., where he was responsible for music-arrangements.He plays with a lot of different musicians and is a key person in a very popular local band called Nice Guys.Niels and Tom