LIVE: Tom Eriksen & Niels Bugge

I´ve been around for a while and have played in a lot of different bands in Denmark since the sixties.I now play roots and blues from the time when songsters in the South of USA travelled from town to town and from party to party with a guitar on their back, but I also do later blues stuff and write my own songs.Taj Mahal, Keb Moe, Ledbetter, T-Bone Walker, Woody Guthrie, Mississippi Sheiks, Willi Dixon are some of the people who inspired me.I´ve toured in Gemany, Holland, Sweden and Denmark with Peter Lavell from Amsterdam, and I have recorded a lot as a session player with Shiregreen from Rotenburg.I lived in Hamburg for a short time some years ago, and I´ll go for a visit as much as I can.I´m happy, that my friend Niels Bugge will join me. We´ve been in Hamburg together a couple of times before, and we always have a great time.Niels Bugge is a great guitar player. He has played almost any kind of music, and he has a big heart for jazz. He´s been working in the local House of Culture in Nykøbing Sj., where he was responsible for music-arrangements.He plays with a lot of different musicians and is a key person in a very popular local band called Nice Guys.